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Our first unit was delivered in 2009 and running perfectly into its sixth boating season. 99% of problems can be handled over the phone but when the need arises our service team is prepared to leave at a moment's notice from our Milwaukee Wisconsin factory. The same hands that build your Beachlaunchers will repair your Beachlauncher.

The "Beach Boys" cover all of Wisconsin, Illinois and Michigan. When remote units are delivered out of our area we develop and train local Marine dealers world wide to trouble shoot and repair problems. On the day of delivery our service team will be on hand to set up the unit, train you and your family on the safe operation, demonstrating and  reviewing the owner's manual.  We will be spending  as much time as needed with the local Marine or small engine  service professional  so that they have a good understanding of the Beachlaunchers remote, electrical and power unit systems. You will be left with the peace of mind knowing that you will be assisted thru any issues.


The Beachlauncher’s quality, durability and functionality are backed by a strong warranty.

  • For residential purchases, the Beachlauncher carries a 30-day money-back guarantee and a one-year parts and labor warranty. Some restrictions apply.
  • For government and commercial purchases, The Beachlauncher carries a 6-month parts and labor warranty. Some restrictions apply.

Sample Government/Commercial Warranty

Beachworks, LLC. (d/b/a Beachworks, LLC., hereinafter "Manufacturer") warrants the Beachlauncher™ (hereinafter "Machine") to be built in a workmanlike manner of sound material, and, under normal use and proper attention, to operate properly and avoidance of water damage to electrical components.  Any claim made under this warranty must be presented in writing to Manufacturer in Mequon, Wisconsin, within six months after shipment.

Manufacturer is to have the option of replacing any element proved to be defective or of remedying any proved defect, but Manufacturer’s liability in any event shall not exceed the replacement value of the defective element, and in the case of units or parts purchased by Manufacturer, Manufacturer’s liability shall not exceed the settlement which Manufacturer is able to obtain from its supplier.

Manufacturer is to have a reasonable length of time, after recognition of claim, in which to exercise its above option, and shall have the right to require the return of the alleged defective element, transportation charges prepaid before recognizing any claim. No allowance will be made for repairs or alterations undertaken without Manufacturer’s written consent.

If parts other than of the original manufacturer are used in replacement without Manufacturer’s written consent, or if, without Manufacturer’s written consent, the machinery is repaired or altered in such a way as in Manufacturer’s judgment to reduce its stability or reliability, or if the machinery is subjected to misuse, negligence or accident, all warranties are thereby waived.

The fore-going warranty is in lieu of all tort liability and all other warranties or representations or rights of rejection, express or implied, by law or by contract. More specifically, but without restriction thereto, there is no representation or express or implied warranty that the machinery complies with the highway or other laws of any state. No agent, distributor or other person is authorized to give any other warranty, nor to assume any other liability.




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