You can come up with all kinds of contraptions to launch a boat, but it’s hard to find something that works well when the level varies so much from year to year.
— TM
Without a doubt the Beachlauncher is the answer. It is easy to handle – I can drive it out and launch my boat while having my morning coffee.
— PM
Since purchasing my Beachlauncher, I use my boat much more often. It’s so much more convenient than heading to the marina where I used to keep my boat.
— NM
As the summer goes on I become more pleased with my purchase. I am comfortable with docking and launching and am getting more use out of my boat than I ever had before. I took my son and five of his friends fishing and no one got wet, either while launching or docking, on a day that the lake was fairly rough.
— GZ
My first attempt at getting my boat in and out of the water and into my boathouse was 100%. Several of my friends didn’t think it was possible, but the unit is just great and it sure solved my problem.
— DL