Spontaneous, Hassle-Free Boatlaunching

The Beachlauncher will save you time and trouble by transporting your boat in and out of the water in minutes with a wireless remote. Beachlauncher adapts to fluctuating water levels and shorelines so you can launch in low water or at low tide. With Beachlauncher, there is no need for a pier, dock, ramp, conventional boat trailer or boat railway.

This self-propelled boat launcher is able to cross all shoreline terrain -  including sand, stone, grapefruit-size rocks, silt and cobble. With five models available, it can move a 14,000-lb. payload (including boat, fuel and cargo) up a 12% (8:1) soft, rocky/sandy slope or a 25% (4:1) hard surfaced, ramped slope. Individual results and shorelines may vary.

Each Beachlauncher is built to order from our factory in Milwaukee Wisconsin using American made parts.

PWC-HT Blums2 .jpg

The Beachlauncher, Relaunched for 2018

New Rubber Tracked Carriage System provides twice the torque and power of our former ATV-tired versions and offers unmatched floatation performance over soft and sandy shoreline conditions.

2018 New Design