What is the Beachlauncher?

The Beachlauncher is a mobile,remote controlled  self-propelled, all-terrain vehicle that launches boats and personal watercraft in and out of water. It resembles a boat trailer, but is operated by wireless remote control and powered by a gasoline engine and state-of-the-art hydraulics. The Beachlauncher has its own deck walkway and stairs attached, giving you a “mobile boat dock” for easy access to your boat so you can avoid the surf as you launch. The Beachlauncher can be used for recreational boating or emergency boat launch and retrieval, such as Coast Guard and military operations.The Beachlauncher can also be used as a hydraulic trailer to move boats from upland storage facility's, marinas or parking lots, down boat ramps and into the water.

Where can you use the Beachlauncher?

The Beachlauncher was designed for a wide variety of shorelines, from inland lakes, rivers, ocean bays and sounds. It is currently in use throughout the Great Lakes, Canada and in the FIJI islands . The Beachlauncher can maneuver through many types of shoreline terrain consisting of sand, silt, cobble stones and rocky debris. But it is not recommended for deep muddy conditions. A comprehensive site visit is recommended to assess site conditions.

How deep should the water be to use Beachlauncher?

That’s the beauty of The Beachlauncher: It adapts to the depth you need to float your boat. The Beachlauncher can be used at a maximum water depth of 4 feet, 6 inches. Many of our current owners need to travel 100's of yards out into the water to deploy their boat. The Beachlauncher can remain submerged or remotely sent back to the shore while your out playing. Upon your return and with the flick of a button,  the user can call the Beachlauncher back out in the water to retrieve the boat and passengers.

What kind of boats and watercraft can Beachlauncher launch?

The Beachlauncher can launch recreational and commercial boats up to 32 feet long, as well as two personal watercraft. The Beachlauncher can easily move a 15- to 32-foot boat with payloads ranging from 3,000 lbs. on the PWC-H model to 10,000 lbs. on the Superlauncher model, including boat, fuel and cargo up a 12% (8:1) soft, rocky/sandy slope or a 25% (4:1) hard surfaced, ramped slope. Individual results and shorelines may vary. The Beachlauncher can move these payloads powered by a mere 25-horsepower gasoline engine (custom units may differ). Custom-built models are available upon request.

How and where is Beachlauncher stored?

The Beachlauncher can be left right on your beach all year long. With its galvanized frame and motor cover, it’s protected from the elements. Many of our customers choose to drive the Beachlauncher into boathouses or onto slabs. A 12-foot-wide x 10 foot high door is needed to accommodate the overall width of the boat and launcher. Your boat length will determine the depth of your boathouse, as The Beachlauncher 4000-H model is only 17 feet long and 11 ft. 1 in. wide.( with deck up )  Model 6000-H is 20 feet long and 11 ft. 1 in. wide.The new "SPORT 4000" accommodates boats 16'-23'  and is only 8 ft 6" wide.

What is the Beachlauncher's environmental footprint?

The Beachlauncher does a big job but leaves a small environmental footprint during boat launching. What’s green about The Beachlauncher machine?

  • Light footprint. Although it’s a large vehicle, Beachlauncher exerts less pressure than a 175-pound person walking on a sandy beach, and even less on a lake bottom.
  • Wheels that "tread lightly." The Beachlauncher’s wide, low-pressure, all-terrain wheels are designed for a slip-and-grip driving motion for minimal stress and wear on the shore, lakebed and vehicle components.
  • No shoreline change is needed. Because The Beachlauncher adapts to changing shoreline and water depth levels, it reduces future environmental and economical impacts while allowing boat access. To protect ecologically sensitive areas, local guidelines may require authorization before any shoreline activity takes place. With the use of the Beachlauncher no additional permanent construction needs to take place and the Beachlauncher prevents the clutter that conventional boat lifts, boat docks and boat rail systems  create leaving the shoreline in its pristine condition. 
  • Vegetable-based hydraulic oil. Won’t contaminate the environment as petroleum products can.
  • A gentler launch alternative. The Beachlauncher can be used as shoreline and water levels fluctuate, whereas piers, docks and boat rails can become unusable if lake levels fall too low. Because of this adaptability, The Beachlauncher reduces the environmental impact of shoreline residents who might otherwise want to extend their docks or boat rails, dredge waterways. Public foot traffic is not impaired by the use of the Beachlauncher as it is typically stored well off the surf and tucked away at the base of the upland bluff.
  • Rust prevention. The Beachlauncher surfaces are treated with a hot-dipped galvanized coating to prevent rust and reduce the need for potentially harmful chemicals sometimes used in marine paints.The Beachlauncher is "Salt Water" tolerant.